Kayakalpa Certificate Course

Starting in Fall 2019, we are offering a rare chance to learn Kayakalpa from Master Practicioner Dr. Raam Pandeya. This 9 month Certificate course includes practice and theory, and will equip students with a deep knowledge of Kayakalpa.

We are now accepting applications. To apply, please email: sophia@kayakalpa.com.

Kayakalpa Certificate Course: PROGRAM OUTLINE 

Practice includes:

  • Study of  Individual Nature and Imbalance 

  • Urine and Pulse reading

  • Preparation of Therapeutic materials & their Application

  • Purification of Eleven Organs

  • Kayakalpa pharmacopeia

  • Nourishment 

  • Management of  Vital Energy

  • Kayakalpa Kutipraveshika ( Intensive residential rejuvenation therapy)

          ( only available to residential students)

Study of Individual Nature and Imbalance 

Study of the different constitutions and their  nature ( prakriti) and imbalances (vikriti) based on  different criteria, including physical characteristics, as well as psychological attributes.\

Urine & Pulse Reading

Study of the different types of pulse associated with different constitutions  as well as the reading & analysis of oil drop patterns in urine for different constitutions.

Preparation of Therapeutic Materials & their Application

Preparation various therapeutic materials including: nasal drops, (nasya) herbal-mineral  exfoliating & nourishing paste,(alepa), head drops,( dhara-kalpa), therapeutic oil filled cap,( sirobasti), ear drops,(karna purna)  therapeutic herbal-mineral enema,(basti), herbal douche, (uttar basti) herbal emetics( vaman kalpa)

Purification of Eleven Organs

Study of the various modes to purify the organ of consciousness (the brain-mind), the organs of knowledge, i.e the senses (eyes, ears, nose tongue and skin) and the organs of action (kidney, lungs, liver, heart, colon)  

Kayakalpa Pharmacopeia

Study of the composition, types, preparation, ( anupan) vehicle and administration, indications dosage, contraindications and therapeutic uses of various kalpas.


Selection of tastes according to nature & designing dietary guidelines. Detailed study of culinary herbs, spices and other items used in kitchen pharmacopeia.

Management of energy

Detailed study of breathing techniques to ignite, unite and exalt  the vital energy known as kundalini.

Kayakalpa Kutipraveshika

(Residential Students only)

The specialised application of Kutipraveshika ( ( Intensive residential rejuvenation therapy)

therapies and diet.


Please contact us for details.