Dr. Raam Pandeya

President & Kayakalpa Master Practicioner

Dr. Raam Pandeya, the President of Kayakalpa Alchemy Foundation, comes from the Siddha Nath lineage of India. Trained from childhood in Vedic and Pre-Vedic sciences, Yoga, and Tantra he has received medical degrees in Ayurveda, Siddha Medicine and Homeopathy.

Leaving academia behind, Dr. Raam spent many years as a wandering sadhu (monk) perfecting his practice of Tantra and Rasa Shastra (Indian Alchemy) After many years spent interacting with prominent yogis, mystics, and medical scholars of his time he introduced ancient Kayakalpa techniques of revitalization to the West in 1979. Since then, he has worked on thousands of people from all walks of life with various health challenges, gaining recognition in the medical community as a groundbreaking and avant-garde practitioner.

Dr. Pandeya has been affiliated with the prestigious Hindi Sahitya Sammelan university of Allahabad India conducting the only Indian authenticated degree courses in Ayurveda available in North America before focusing his energies solely on the training and teaching of Kayakalpa.


Sophia Pandeya

Foundation Director & Lead Kayakalpa Therapist

Sophia Pandeya has been personally trained by Dr. Raam Pandeya and has worked as his Principal Assistant for the last 30 years.

Prior to working with Dr. Pandeya she had a background in Shiatsu and reflexology. She has a Vaidya Visharad (Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine) degree from Hindi Sahitya Sammelan Universty Allahabad India. Sophia has worked on Dr. Pandeya’s documentary film projects as well.

She was the writer and narrator on his documentary “Kayakalpa, Investigating Immortality.” She appears with Dr. Pandeya in the Discovery Channel documentary, “Alternative to Migraines.”


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