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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living

Kayakalpa is a rare and powerful system for transformative well-being. Traditionally reserved only for the Siddha sages and royals of ancient India, Kayakalpa is your resource for total body rejuvenation.


Welcome to Kayakalpa Alchemy Foundation

Kayakalpa Alchemy Foundation is a unique retreat for wellness and personal transformation.

Nestled in a serene oasis in Sonoma County, California, we practice and preserve the tradition of Kayakalpa, and offer it to you with the utmost integrity, sanctity, and skillfulness.


Your Kayakalpa Experience


Each Kayakalpa program is customized to your unique needs.  

Your treatment begins with an in-depth consultation with Dr. Raam Pandeya to assess your constitution and create a therapy program designed for you.

Those who let the body decay, destroy the spirit;
they won’t attain the powerful knowledge of truth. Having learned the skill of fostering the body, I fostered the body, and I nurtured the soul.
— Siddha Tirumular