History & Principles

Kayakalpa is an ancient system for total body rejuvenation. Originating in India circa 3000 B.C.E., Kayakalpa purifies and nurtures the body, mind, and soul with a series of customized therapy sessions, herbal and mineral preparations, vital breathing practices, dietary guidelines, and daily living recommendations.

The name Kayakalpa comes from the Sanskrit kaya (bodies) and kalpa (transmutation).  

Kayakalpa brings the physical and energetic, or subtle bodies back into balance through a process of purification and nourishment.  This enables one to transcend any degenerative conditions and attain an optimal metabolic state for health and recovery.

Kayakalpa’s history reaches back to the Siddha yogis of India, ancient sages renowned for their youthful longevity and supernatural powers. It is considered to be the precursor to the Ayurvedic system, and is believed to have been first transferred from the god Shiva to his wife Parvati, and from her to the Siddhas, who practiced Kayakalpa as a sacred science to attain Siddhi (mystical powers).


A key element of the Kayakalpa medical philosophy is Purification.

The Siddhas chose to purify their physical and subtle bodies, in order to facilitate the flow of health, consciousness, knowledge, and action.

Mind is the organ of consciousness, where people store their memories and desires. When these desires are unfulfilled it creates a melancholic state which produces a bio-toxicity known as Ama, destroying the immunity of the entire system and depleting the quality of its tissues. Kayakalpa is designed to rid the body of Ama, purifying it to allow the energy and vitality flow through you as a clear channel.


The second key element of Kayakalpa philosophy is Nourishment. Your treatments, diet and herbs are designed to nourish the purified body.

In Kayakalpa, taste is the key to nourishment. There are six tastes: sweet sour, salt, astringent, pungent, and bitter. Depending on your constitution, the appropriate taste profile is carefully chosen to nourish your body. With this guiding principle, Kayakalpa classifies all food types according to their taste, which determines their impact on the biological principles of Air, Fire and Water.

An important feature of Kayakalpa is molecular nutrition or applied alchemy— which consists of herbal-mineral compounds called Kalpas, preparations that bring about balance in physiology, enhance immunity and slow down the aging process.

Nourishing the subtle body is as important as nurturing our physical body. Subtle nutrition is the specific use of sound, color, aromas, gems, metals and breath customized for a particular constitution. It nourishes the mind and senses and awakens, invigorates and expands the flow of energy.