Dhâk Eye Drops

Dhâk Eye Drops


General Benefits:

  • Improves vision (eliminates “floaters”) 

  • Rejuvenates eyes especially after excessive screen use 

  • Removes toxins

How does it work in the body:  The root extract of Butea Frondosa “Flame of the Forest” Tree is the main active ingredient in Dhâk eye drops. This purifies the eyes by flushing out the tear ducts. Honey works to promote natural eye lubrication. Rose and camphor cool inflammation and irritation.

Application Method:
Precaution: Remove contact lenses before applying eye drops.

Dispense 1 -2 drops in the corner of each eye. Blink rapidly. Apply once a day at night before bed.

Note: You will experience mild stinging that will continue for a few minutes. Keep tissues handy to wipe tears and any material that has now been purged from your eye. The stinging sensation will disappear within a few minutes. If irritation or redness persists beyond 10-15 minutes after use, flush with cold water and discontinue use.

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